Monday, July 12, 2010

Back From Mexico

We got back from our trip to the Mayan Riviera last Saturday night. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. We occasionally had some guilt about leaving the kids behind, but whenever we saw families where the parents looked beat down, we quickly got over it. The kids had a great time with my parents anyway, since they're always spoiled with them.

It's been a sun and sex filled week, with my lovely wife surprising me a couple of times during the week. My highlight of the trip for me was a "date" night where we were going out for an "a la carte" dinner. The plan was to go separately and meet for drinks in the main lounge. I wanted the excitement of "picking her up", as an unknown suitor.

I left our hotel room first, since I didn't want to see what she would be wearing. I went to a second lounge not far from the first and had a couple of drinks. We were to meet at 6:45pm, but I waited until a little after 7:00 before I went over to where we said we'd meet.

I took the long way through the main buffet, which was up on the second level, arriving at at balcony overlooking the main lounge where we were to meet. As I looked down, I saw my beautiful wife sitting on a stool at a high bar table in her "vegas" dress. She was lovely. To my surprise, a man was standing at her table, engaged in conversation with her. I'm not sure how to describe my thoughts at the moment, but I suffice to say, my stomach did a quick flip-flop.

I decided to watch for awhile and see what was up. She had her back to me, so I was safe just standing on the balcony, overlooking the bar area. They talked for awhile and he remained at her table. I knew my wife wouldn't be pushing the situation, since she's strictly a one-man woman, but I watched anyway. Eventually, I made my way down the stairs to the bar to get a drink and join them. When I approached them, she introduced me to "hector". Well, as soon as Hector spoke, I realized he was very gay. In an instant, my fantasy of my wife flirting with another man was gone. The stomach flip-flops stopped and we sat down to talk about the upcoming show. It turned out Hector is a dancer in the evenings entertainment, and they typically mingle with the crowd before the show to promote it.

For a few moments, though, I was able to experience the belief (along with the related emotions) that my wife was being hit on by another man. There is something primal that awakes within when your woman is having a drink with another man. It takes me back to my younger days when I was still chasing my wife. The uncertainty of not knowing if you were going to get lucky, or whether she would leave with you or another guy. It made me feel young again.

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