Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Upcoming Fishing Trip

This weekend is my annual fishing trip with the kids, a tradition my dad and I started close to thirty years ago.

I'm taking the kids AND the dog, so Rebecca will have a quiet weekend to herself. She tends to get a lot of things done while we're away; yard work, etc. 

She has one evening where she'll be attending a work colleague's birthday party at a downtown restaurant. Normally, I would go with her, but since I'll be gone with the kids, she'll go solo.

I don't say anything to her, but of course I have my thoughts and fantasies about what she might do. 

It would upset her but I do still think back occasionally to previous years when she was alone in town with G. She had told me, way back when, that she had given him a tour of our house when I was on this same spring trip. She won't admit that anything happened at that time, and  I actually do think it was before their time "together" officially started, but it is still an entertaining place for my mind to go.

Honestly, I'll confess, it did occur to me to contact G somehow to let him know where she would be this Saturday night, but it was really a fleeting thought, and I thought better of it. She would have killed me, and we've moved past him. Like I said, it was a fleeting thought, butterfly inducing as it was.

I do know that she looks great after her recent workout program, so I can at least hope she'll dress in something flatteringly tight when she goes out Saturday. Maybe if she reads this before the weekend, she'll even indulge me and flirt a little. 

I can't think of a better Father's Day present than her telling me a little story of how her Saturday night went.


  1. You are a lucky lucky man.. hopefully she will send you updates from the party..

  2. I can not understand, you now that Rebecca and G reading this blog, so it is clear that all thoughts written here both will read.

  3. I can understand it. Perhaps Rebecca and G or Rebecca and someone else will make the fantasy come true. Video would be a nice touch.

    Working out really suits Rebecca well. For guys like me, showing the wedding ring in the picture is all that much more of a turn on.

  4. Thanks Jack, JF. Anon, for clarification, Rebecca reads this blog, but G doesn't know it exists.

  5. Assuming Rebecca didn't mention the blog when she was having the affair with him.

  6. The exciting part is that maybe G does, maybe he doesn't; it is those certain variables that create an immense intensity. I would like to think that G does not know as Rebecca strikes me as a conservative woman who has much dignity appreciating her private and lady like demeanor. Yes she had an affair while caught in her own struggles, yet I understand fully where his thoughts are while away. I think a certain bond would be an awesome venture where as the closeness between them would only be stronger because of their active roles in achieving these heightening experiences together.
    Good luck and have fun on your trip. Hopefully your wife may feel confident enough to have fun and secure enough to whisper away making your mind implode with lust for her


  7. Glad to see your Blog is active again. I so enjoy hearing about Rebecca's adventures through your eyes, and the pictures of her are also a huge plus. Keep up with the updates. Hoping you both had a stretch of good luck while on your fishing trip.

  8. Really appreciate these beautiful pics of your wife. I'm glad you're able to share your thoughts with her through this blog. I actually envy that. Would've been fun had she been as sexually playful with others as you fantasized her to be, but the fact that she'd just rather be intimate with you is always a good thing!