Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Holidays

Yesterday, while we were having supper at the kitchen island, Rebecca showed me a short texting exchange she had earlier in the day with J. 

J is the husband of her friend, L. L is her good friend who accompanied her on that Vegas trip I wrote about a few years ago. ( I can't believe it has been that long ago)

Anyway, L's husband, J has always had a bit of a crush on Rebecca. It's funny, because we see him as a bit of an innocent guy. L was his first and only sexual experience,

We're going on a family holiday with them again this summer to our wine country. We rented the same house we did with them a couple of years ago. 

J was texting Rebecca to collect our portion of the rent, which was due to be paid. His flirting is all pretty innocent, but he joked about having to pay for their ( Rebecca and his) romantic week together. 

Rebecca actually flirted a bit back, which surprised me. I don't remember the actually text, but she joked back with him.

Rebecca and I went on to discuss J and L's sex life. As I understand it, he's a bit of a "put it in and go" kind of guy. Apparently, L tries to give him directions, but like most men, he's too proud or stubborn to listen.

I can admit, even though it was pretty innocent,  the conversation got me pretty riled up, so when we went to bed, I was all over Rebecca. 

I was massaging her ass while she was on all fours. She slowly raised up into the doggy position. I'm not sure what possessed me, but seeing her ass in the air like that, made me want to lick her. I gently tongued her ass and she moaned her consent. 

It wasn't long before I was positioned behind her, pumping her doggy style. I looked over and saw a jar of Vaseline on our bedside table so I opened it and spread it over her ass. Then, as I pumped her, I worked my finger into her tight ass.

The doggy position was actually awkward for this, so I rolled over on my back and had her climb on. This is her favourite position and generally cums easily. While Rebecca rode me, I got another glob of Vaseline on my finger and pushed my entire middle finger inside her. 

I thought I needed more lubricant, so I pulled my finger out to get a little more. As I was reaching for it, she started grinding harder against me. I could tell she was going to make herself cum, so I quickly, and pretty forcefully pushed the full length of my finger inside her tight ass.

The timing was great because she started cumming as my finger entered her, and kept cumming all along its length. I could feel her contractions on my cock and my finger at the same time.

She came down from her orgasm and I handed her the Vaseline. She sat up straight me, cock still deep and pushed her Vaseline coated finger into my ass. She rocked back and forth, pushing her finger in as deep as I had been in her.

It wasn't long before I came hard inside her. All in all, it was a great night..

I was writing this account in bed this morning while she got dressed. I wonder what J would think of this view?


  1. I am glad that you are posting again. I have been an avid reader and love hearing your stories... hopefully things will work out for your summer trip.

  2. Guys who haven't or refuse to experience a nice finger up the ass have no idea what they are missing.

    Rebecca would be a good friend to L if she could teach J a few things about foreplay. Wouldn't that make for a nice vacation?

  3. Okay, I think your last post was enticing, and brings about many thoughts as to where this could lead. I think for you if you indeed play your cards right there could be some harmless fun to be had. I would be cautious however as a true friendship could be fragile with certain ventures. I agree with JFBreak; and it is nice to
    see you posting again.
    racymray - Best of times and luck to you

  4. I have read your post religiously. and every time it comes to anal I can help but think that z has something to do with that. I know its sore for you but the bottom line is z had that ass. He made her love it in the ass. I get the impression that was the one thing you and her did on occasion. at any rate whenever you talk about invading her ass I cant help but think z had some part of that. I just remember the post you had a year or so ago when she was with z or g I forget and she gave up the ass and you said it was unsual. keep posting love your blog