Monday, November 3, 2014


I spent most of the day hanging doors and painting our basement. Rebecca joined me and I couldn't resist asking her to pose for a pic. 

When we went to bed, I was on my phone, playing poker, and she started to touch my cock and balls. She lightly ran her fingernail under my bag, teasing me to grow my erection.

I quickly put the phone down, and pulled off her pyjamas and panties. I could feel how wet she was against the underside of my shaft as it rested between her lips. 

I slid in almost in one stroke, and she moaned and gasped a little when she felt it deep in her belly.

I had to pump slowly because I could already feel my cock twitch a couple times. I knew there was already precum leaking from me into her, and I also knew if I didn't slow down, I'd cum.

To take the pressure off, I decided I should change things up and use my tongue. 

Sometimes when I go down on her, particularly after I've been inside of her, she gets a little uncomfortable. This time, she surprised me by reaching down and using her fingers to pull her pussy completely open for me. It was lewd and sexy, knowing she just wanted to be licked.

Her clit and inner pussy was fully exposed, so I took my time licking each gently at first, then firmly. As I tasted her, I could feel my wet cock twitching, the head and slit wet with her juices, but getting wetter with my own precum.

When she was getting close, I eased off and climbed back up, kissing her so she could taste her cum on my tongue and lips. She pushed her tongue in and swirled it around mine, sharing it with me.

As we kissed I pumped slowly with my wet and leaking cock. As I pumped, I whispered in her ear that it was too bad that I couldn't lick her clit while my cock was inside her. 

I gently told her to imagine how it would feel to have a cock sliding in and out while a tongue teased her pussy.

"I'm going to cum!" She whispered hard.

And with that, she came. I started spasming and shooting deep into her. When she felt it, her hips started to buckle and spasm underneath me, milking my cock even further. 

We're meeting for lunch today, so I might bring up the subject and ask her what pushed her over the edge..


  1. Oh my. Your description was perfectly written. If only you could both experience exactly what she was thinking!

  2. WOW. great telling of a wonderful session. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Almost two years to the day since you discovered you were being cuckolded. I think I know what she was thinking.

  4. Seriously? No is going to comment how amazing her ass looks in those jeans?

  5. an ass like a 23 year old

  6. Agreed! Wonderfully callipygian! Any chance for more pics?