Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Ask Me Anything"

Rebecca attended a play this past weekend with another former roommate. They went for drinks afterwards and the conversation had several interesting points. During their discussion, Rebecca learned that her happily married friend still fantasizes about her former boyfriend. In the same breath, she told Rebecca how she was recently running behind an athletic black man. She found herself following him, admiring his body. Her next revelation to Rebecca was, given the chance, she would have sex with a black man like this.

According to Rebecca, her friend,"S" knows nothing of Rebecca and G, except that Rebecca had met him for drinks a couple of times. She had asked Rebecca if anything "else" happened and Rebecca said no.

These two have been friends since grade school, so I have my doubts that S believed Rebecca. To be honest, I wouldn't have a problem with Rebecca confiding in her friend. I would argue they both have similar thoughts on the subject of sex and marriage. They just won't admit it to each other. ( let alone their husbands)

Last night we had an old friend and former roommate of Rebecca's, "J" over for a glass of wine. It had been several years since we saw her, and one glass soon turned into a couple bottles of red.

"J" said we need to come to her place this summer when she hosts a block party. Coincidentally, she's neighbours with G, although she doesn't know him. I made the connection in my head as she told us about the party. Rebecca said we would try to be there and I wondered how that would play out if G showed up.

When she left, Rebecca and I were all over each other in a bit of a drunken rush. As she was lying naked on her back, Rebecca said I could ask her anything, meaning about her and G. I pushed inside my wife, feeling her around me. God, she felt good. I asked her,"anything"? She confirmed it as I pumped her. Even after the wine, I needed to slow down. My mind was racing.

I felt her hard nipples on my hand and began to gently squeeze them. She used to tell me she was too sensitive there, up until about a year ago so I asked her if he was the one who taught her to like her nipples squeezed, and she nodded yes, gasping a little.

I had so many questions that used to bother me, but now turn me on. I pushed into her and asked if he pushed deep like that. She nodded again.

We were both pretty drunk, so our inhibitions were lowered. I rolled over and she climbed onto me. When I was back inside her, I asked her if she liked when he held her hips as she rode him.

Then I asked if she came with him. She rode me and said , "not always." She kept rocking on my cock, and I wanted clarification. I asked if she ever came on his cock. She answered with a "breathy" yes.

I wanted to continue, but I couldn't last. I came hard, and she followed right behind. We collapsed into each other and I told her I loved her.

Soon after, she teared up and said she loved me more than I'll ever know. I reassured her, saying that that is all I ever wanted. It is.

As long as I know she loves me above any other man, I'm comfortable and happy. I find the sex they had to be so exciting to think about, knowing she discovered new things about her body. Knowing she shared that with him and still puts me first makes me feel ... I don't know how to describe it..amazingly happy would be a start.

Her friend, S has these thoughts about other men that she won't share with her husband. I feel that now, if Rebecca had similar impulses, she would be closer to being able to share them with me. I like knowing that.


  1. That's exciting. Bet G was a major factor in her letting you into her butt.

  2. I think you misread something. I was in there a decade ago.

  3. Do you think there's any connection between her affair/discovery of sexuality and the anal sex experience? Seems like it's not a frequent thing.

  4. We are married for close to 20 years. After 10 years she started she started fucking a man she met at work. It just happened. I don’t know why. I remember I discovered it when she came home late from a business meeting they had both attended. When I undressed her she was totally wet. Her panties were soaked and she was ready to fuck me almost immediately.

    I didn’t say a word nor did she; no wild tear filled confessions; I just was so hot to have her that I didn’t care. In fact I was completely taken over by lust for her as she passively allowed me this moment of discovery. But I did’t let on that I knew and I fucked her hard that night, as hard and relentless as I ever. And she fucked me back in a delirious state of lust. I was captivated so much that I fucked her about every two hours the whole weekend as she just kept bringing her lustful self to my attention. Still not a word was mentioned of her indiscretions and her boldly tantalizing cheating silence.

    About 1:30 a.m. Monday morning I woke up with a very stiff hard-on. Her hand was laying low on my stomach. I didn’t move hoping I could push her hand on to my cock with out her noticing, but after a minute she moved her hand there herself. She started teasing my cock. I started to move and she stopped and so did I. Then a minute later it repeated. She acted as if she was just trying to get me wound up while I was sleeping and that was all. I think I even heard her kind of laugh in a whisper. So I just kept pretending to sleep. Her hand then went back to touching and teasing me to even greater hardness. My cock was swollen and was very hard and pulsing with her every tiny little teasing touch. Then I noticed as she touched me she seemed to shake a bit. Her other hand was in her pussy and she was also on the verge on cumming an then she did. She came so much that she left a damp spot on the sheets.

    I was leaking precum and shaking very slightly as I involuntarily moved my hips up trying to get her to touch me again. But had she stopped. Now I was afraid she would discover I was awake the whole time. So I decided I should not wake up at all and then tried to sleep. I finally got to sleep even with that raging hard-on and all somewhere around 2:30 a.m.

    My alarm went off at 6 a.m. But I had already been awake for a half hour because about 5:30 she had done the same thing she as earlier by giving me a full and pulsing erection. Up till about a minute before the alarm went off she had been stroking me lightly with her thumb and forefinger but then she stopped. As the alarm went off I was very hard and needful. I tried several times to get her interested but she told me no. She was too tired. So I let her be, even knowing she was the one who had made me this hard in the first place. I even noticed she was almost pink from the pre-climax mess she had worked herself into. As I got out of bed I noticed her eyes went straight to my very hard cock. She smiled as I walked to the shower and got dressed for work.

    All day long I felt like I was on the verge on bursting into full mast. I couldn’t stop thinking about my discovery, the wild weekend of passion and my wife enjoying keeping me on edge all night long. I was exhausted, sleep deprived and yet so sexually charged.

    That evening she came home very late from work and again she was drenched and lustful. I’m rewarded with an evening of fucking and a night of teasing. I can't explain it. I don’t care. I’m consumed and captivated by it all. And it all started with her fucking that guy. Last year he moved away and our sex life almost died until three month ago. I made another discovery. She is fucking someone else now. I know she is because she keeps letting me discover it on a regular basis. I am totally rapt into this thing. She keeps fucking him, fucking me, keeps me hard at night and needful all day.

  5. Slider, my wife and I play a similar game called "Confession" where as we have sex, I am allowed to ask her details of her previous encounters. Where most men would be going crazy with jealousy, I find the honest revelations at her most vulnerable moment to send me over the edge. I can never get every little detail I crave, because frankly, the excitement of it all causes me to cum so fast.

    Your description of Rebecca's Ask Me Anything game created quite a similar reaction for me...

  6. Reading again Your blog I think that Rebecca must have had something with "V"


    1. I suspect the same but probably pushed slider too much. He may come around to this issue some day. But I feel like I am only a guest here that has been given a kind of special access into the life and times of slider. He can shut it all down anytime so I don't want to push it. I am at phaedruscj@yahoo.com if you want a couple of other reasons why I think that way.

  7. slider you may have had her ass 10 years ago, but G is the one who got her to love it in in her ass. g made her his butt slut to the point she was begging for it almost with you. in your one story you said it was a rare occurance and when you did it was not like usaul. it went in easy. g stretched her ass out. I love your blog, You had to know somthing was up then. as far as details go, did she make you wait to get into her ass? how easy was it for g to get it? If I had a chick I new was cheating on her husband i know I would try and get her to do stuff with me she has not doen with her husband. Did g ever get her to do things she has not done with you? You need to keep pumping her for details. please keep us posted, and keep on writing.

  8. Its great that you and Rebecca are getting back on track.

    As you know I am a cynical, suspicious skeptic.

    Prior posts in your blog that seemed to describe "coincidences" turned out to be something else. What are the odds that this friend of R's would be a neighbor of G? But of course doesn't know him. But is hosting a party he might attend. Color me suspicious slider.

    I can find a cloud around every silver lining.