Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Good Day

While I was at work, just before lunch today, Rebecca and I were texting:

Her: So I am going to lunch with R today.

Me: Who is R?

Her: Knew him in uni. Married to the truck...

Me: Oh, friend of J's?

Her: That's the one.

Me: If he's married to a truck, you'd better watch the vibe. I seem to recall this morning through my squinted eyes that you looked really good. :)

Her: You're funny. I'm in a meeting now so I'll be silent for a bit.

Me: ;)

Her: Heading over now.

Me: Where are you meeting?

Me: I'm going to get a Hungarian sandwich.

Me: Just picked you up a couple pairs of hanky pankys.

Her: C*** in B*****. Thanks for my panties. What color? :)

Me: It's a surprise. I don't think you have them.

Her: Ok, thanks!

Me: C*****? How was it?

Her: I got the #21 equivalent. It was good. (#21 is our favourite Vietnamese dish)

Me: How is R?

Her: R is the same, except he went down hill in certain areas.

Me: Lol. Such as?

Her: Seems shorter, balder, spaced teeth.

Me: Ouch. Triple threat.

Her: Ha, ha! Still nice though. Just not hot. ;)

Me: Speaking of hot, I need a model for these panties in my pocket..:)

Her: I have a white sheet for a background drop if you need...

On my drive home at the end of the day, I called the house and we had a great chat. Rebecca filled me in on her lunch. It was completely innocent, but more importantly, she shared the details. We talked, and it felt good.

Of course, since it was all innocent, there was no pressure, but what put me in a good mood for the rest of the evening was how she ended the call.

She said, " I knew you'd want to hear about my lunch date."

On another note, I shredded the G emails before I left the office.


  1. Shredding the email was a good call. Now that you read them and got that out of the way, it would have been too tempting to go back and re-read them from time to time. You'd think that it would help, and convince yourself that it would make things easier to deal with, but they would become an obsession.

    The first few times you find yourself trying to remember if she said x or was it he that said y, you'll feel a twinge of regret about getting rid of them. But in the long run, it's the best way to finally let go. I had different but similar circumstances, only it was my own email with another woman.

  2. I agree. Great progress has been made!

  3. Thanks for the update. :)

    "I knew you'd want to hear about my lunch date."

    I'm sorry to hear that he wasn't as interesting as he used to be. I'm guessing that one or both of you feel the same way.