Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moving On

It's strange how easily we've moved on from the whole G thing. At the time I know it felt quite bleak. I'm pretty certain she hasn't been in touch with him. The last time I brought him up, she started to cry from her guilt. She said she doesn't regret many things in life, but that's one thing she regrets.

For obvious reasons, I've laid off the HW thing. In a way, I think that labels can ruin it. She's a truly sexy woman. Her outgoing personality allows her to be comfortable around men, and she still has several men she stays in contact with but G isn't one of them.

I really do still enjoy when she mentions someone IM'ing her at work, because I know they can't help but be attracted to her. This past weekend we were on the couch while she traded texts with an older guy in her company. Nothing sexual in nature was said mind you, but there was nothing work related either. Of course, she'll downplay it.

We're heading somewhere warm on Friday for a week with the kids, so at the very least, I'll have a week of seeing her turning heads in her bikini.


  1. Funny how things work. You want it so bad sometimes. But, then you love the safety and warmth of a relationship that is just you and her. But, the idea that "something" could happen just keeps things on edge enough to keep you both coming back for more.

    So glad to see you two working it out. Have a great vacation and focus on all the little things about her that make you crazy for her.

  2. the idea that "something" could happen just keeps things on edge enough to keep you both coming back for more

    I agree with EagerHusband. You could live off the "what if" combined with the reality that she has done it, forever. I'm glad you are taking time to enjoy those little moments, those texts and such.

    Enjoy the vacation and be sure to remember your friends here - pictures are always a nice treat.

  3. It's always interesting to hear both of your thoughts. Both of you are self-conflicting, which is quite normal for people on a lot of issues, not just this one.

    HW is about the husband; secret affair is about the wife. Would you be able to straddle between full hotwife and an affair? It'll be open but not fully. It might incur some discomfort for you, but it's a lot more empowering and more about the woman than HW. Someone like Rebecca needs discretion and privacy to let go. You both still rip the benefits of her developing sense of self and own sexuality.