Monday, March 18, 2013

Born Again Virgin

We arrived home from our tropical vacation on Saturday morning after a red eye flight home. The good news is the kids are small enough to comfortably sleep on an airplane. Not so with us.

We enjoyed the trip, but we shared a hotel room with the kids, so sex was a no go. When we were packing up on our last day, Rebecca said she felt like she was a born again virgin. I was exhausted Saturday, so I fell asleep on her. Sunday night I made up for it.

Tonight, we're chilling out in front of the TV. Rebecca is laying on my lap as I massage her back. Apparently one of our sprints though the airport carrying our bags did something to her back.

I'm massaging with one hand and blogging with the other. I just ran my hand across her upper hip/lower back and she moaned her appreciation.

As I type this, my hand is on her left ass cheek. It feels cold to my touch. She has spread her legs now and my right hand is massaging the inside of her thigh. It's very smooth.

Her back just twitched. Luckily she has a massage booked for Wednesday..

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