Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Favourite Pair

Rebecca really only wears one type of panty. They're called a "Hanky Panky", and I'm often the one to buy them for her, since a store in my building started carrying them. This pair is my current favorite. I took them off her last night and this is where they ended up. She has been pretty wet and excited the past few days, due to ovulating and her looking forward to our upcoming vacation, so I couldn't resist.

On another note, I took care of a few outstanding household items the other day and when I texted her to tell her they were done, she texted back that she owed me. When I asked what she owed me, she replied with "blank cheque".

It doesn't take much to get my mind wandering.


  1. You could sell those on E-bay if you ever need the cash!

  2. Hi Slider, I have skimmed over your blog and also your post at OHW. I am really sorry for the situation that you find yourself in. I have some observations about your situation and while I may be wrong or completely off track, I think I should put them out there for you to read and reflect on.

    My observations are as follows.

    1. You are not to be blamed or held responsible for what your wife did. In spite of the fact that you had a desire for her to become a hotwife and that you conveyed that desire to her, what she did was of her own volition and a CHOICE that she made. I know that you have been mulling over the possibility that your actions and thoughts made her do what she did but that is NOT the case.

    2. Your wife took what was essentially a generous gift from you and trashed it completely, while disrespecting you in the worst possible way by what she did. You wanted her to hotwife and the rules for that are well known. You had also, in so many words, made those clear to her. However she chose to CHEAT, thereby trashing your trust, love and faith in and for her in the most despicable way. The onus for that is completely with her.

  3. 3. It does not matter that you wanted her to hotwife. Even if you had been a monogamous man who had no desire to adopt the hotwife kink, she would still have cheated. What she did was that she took your desire to see her with another man as permission to have an affair with some one who she developed an infatuation for, and in doing so, in a convoluted way, justified to herself that she was meeting your needs for her to be with another man. The fact that she continually denied her affair till the very last until confronted with irrefutable evidence and that she refused to share any details of her sexual escapades with G, shows that she was selfishly keeping all her pleasure for herself and her partner in sin, G. In fact she and G may have had a good laugh at your expense as to how they were meeting your requirement and that therefore you would have no reason to complain.

    4 You have stated somewhere that it is not the physical part of her affair that affected you but the fact that she was in an emotional affair with G and therefore felt justified in lying to you and deceiving you over an extended period of time, was what hurt you most. You are very right in your conclusion about this and it is further proof, no matter what she may now say, that she was actually in love with G and her relationship with you was put on the back burner for that duration. Not only that, all her assertions that she was not in love with G and that what she was doing was just a fun thing is all tripe. Fun is what a woman has when she is a Hotwife and she willingly and generously shares that fun with her husband. When she is a CHEATING wife then she is selfish and does NOT want to share any of the fun she is having, with her husband. This is because it is not only fun that she is having, no Sir, she is in LOVE and she cannot be bothered sharing her love for another man with, of all people, her poor SOD of a husband. He is just an impediment in her affair and she just cannot be bothered with his feelings or have any concern for his well being.

    5. Even now although you think that all is good between the two of you, the fact is that she is going to be missing the high that she got with G. She may even now , when things have cooled down , start up with him but of course this time she and G will take it all so far underground that you will be hard put to catch them. Remember the saying" Lovers don't cheat and cheaters don't love". I say this because you have at various times said how the two of you are so very close and in love with each other and that you repeatedly show your affection for the other by being physical in public or even in the privacy of your home. You may be very much 'In love' with her but is the reverse true? I have found throughout your blog that you have sort of put her on a pedestal. That could have been your biggest mistake because she took advantage of that position and took you for a ride, a very nasty one at that. Another huge RED flag is the fact that she is NOT forthcoming about what she did with G and is only prepared to answer your questions, knowing that you may never ask the really pertinent ones or that you would never be able to guess at the depth and breadth of her relationship with G. So she gets away with trickle truthing.

  4. 6. I would advise you to close this blog at once as your wife has access to it (and possibly G, too, as she must have told him about it) and can read your innermost thoughts and is therefore able to plan her strategy and tailor her actions to what she thinks you need at a point of time. It is like a general opening up his plans to the enemy. The enemy can then out maneuver him at every point of the battle, or in this case, your relationship with your wife. If you still want to blog your thoughts then do so in a new and unknown one and certainly do not tell your wife about it. Sorry to sound as if I am advising you to keep things from your wife but that is exactly what I would advise you to do at this time. YOU cannot trust her for a long time to come and as they say 'Trust but verify' till you are certain, very certain that she is back to being the person that she was when you married her. The other thing that you should do is completely desist from any talk of Hotwifing with her. I know you have strong feelings for the kink BUT your wife is not the kind of woman who can handle such a gift from you in an honest and up front way.

    7. I would also advise you to visit the Infidelity forum on Loveshack. org. Here you will find a host of betrayed spouses and their stories and how they coped with their situations. Some of the people there are gems in the way they give advice. One of them is OWL and the others are Spark, Betrayed Husband and some others. If nothing else you will find yourself among friends who will offer you good advice on how to handle your feelings, how to go about reconciling with your wife, and many other facets of a cheating situation. You will get a very good perspective on your whole situation.

    Your posts indicate that you are very insecure and afraid to lose your wife. This is a very negative vibe to pass on to your wife. She will think that you are not man enough for her. Try and become the strong and silent type of man, detached from the vicissitudes of your everyday life. That will attract her strongly to you. I wish you all the very best in your life going forward!

  5. One last thing I thought I should mention. This is that you should remain tuned in to your gut feeling or your sub conscious mind as that will be your best tracking device of your wife's cheating habits. Your gut will straight away tell you that some thing is going on with your wife and some one else whether that be G, V or whoever. When you do get warning signals then pay heed and start some way of actually tracking her in real time. You will be surprised with your results. Best wishes.