Friday, December 14, 2012


An interesting comment came up on a post I made on OHW. The writer suggested that it was hard to believe that G didn't read this blog.

I started to post a reply outlining why he wasn't, but I stopped part way through to wonder and thought maybe he does read this. I doubt Rebecca would have told him about it since the idea has always freaked her out, but you never know. Things I thought I knew before have completely been turned upside down, so nothing would surprise me now.

We talked more last night in bed and she said she thinks she saw his cell number come up on an incoming call yesterday. She said she didn't answer, but it got us talking. I reiterated I have to know if anything at all happens with him, communication or otherwise. She maintains she doesn't want to go there, but I know it's never that simple.

The fact that he would try to call her the day after the "Things are Good" post gets me thinking.

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