Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Has anything ever happened with V? There was a day that she went up to his condo at lunch with him. She said it was just a tour. If I was totally objective and not blinded by trust, I wouldn't believe that.

Being in love, I've never doubted her. Never had a reason to. Now I do. Is it possible to love without total trust?


  1. Did you ever find out anything on this topic? (Since the post is over a month old) Personally I'd be surprised. He seemed nice but too much of an amateur when it came to wooing her. Plus don't think it was something she could have done easily without a lot of inner conflict.

    Regardless what if something had happen in the past? How would you or did you react? (if you've since found something out)

    Past is the past and all you can do is what you appear to be doing successfully right now --- moving forward.

  2. I thought you guys got back to complete honesty. Ask her; I would assume she would be honest with you, as she said.