Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yesterday Rebecca texted me "want some action tonight?". I took that as a good indication her monthly visitor had left. I texted back that of course I would, but I don't want to schedule it.

We flirted the rest of the day. When we got home after work, the house was empty because the kids were playing over at a neighbors. When we went upstairs to change, she took off her skirt and laid down on our bed, seemingly inviting me on top of her.

By the time I removed her red panties, I was hard. I didn't waste guiding the head of my cock between her lips. She was already wet. This was, by all counts, a quickie. I came after a dozen or so strokes and flooded her pussy.

I had to go to an evening work function, but I told her not to get rid of all the evidence. I said we would continue this later, and I wanted her to keep some of me inside her until I got home. When I got off her, she laid there for awhile, and I watched as my cum already started to leak from her. It was quite sexy to see it flow out the bottom part of her lips, down to her ass.

I went to the work reception, but had my mind on her the whole time. I wasn't too late getting home. In fact, I was even able to help get the kids to bed.

We got ready for bed ourselves, and I watched as she came to bed in only her panties. I kissed her stomach.

"Your husband is a lucky man."

"Why?", she asked.

"Because you're a beautiful woman." I reached under her ass and massaged it as I kissed her stomach and her breasts. Her nipples started to stiffen.

"Do you mind if I take these off?" I asked and touched her panty line.

"No." she responded, so I pulled them down. I was hard for the second time that night, but this time I was going to play it as another man.

"Do you mind if I put this here?" I asked and placed the head of my cock
against her opening.

"No." she replied. I pushed into her. After a couple of thrusts, I was fully inside her.

"When was the last time you had sex?" I asked.

"Today." She moaned a little as she answered.

"With who?" I continued with the questions.

"My husband." She answered as my cock hit her cervix for the first time.

"Where did he cum?" I asked.

"Inside me." was her reply. I continued to pump her. Longer strokes.

I whispered in her ear as I slid in and out.

"Did you know the head of a cock is shaped like it is in order to remove competing sperm from a woman's pussy?

"Really?" she asked, genuinely surprised.

"That's the theory." I told her, still pumping. "So the more I pump you now, the more of your husband's semen I take out of you."

Her next question almost pushed me over the edge.

"Where do you want to cum?" she asked.

"Deep inside you." I replied.

"Can I sit on you?" she asked. I rolled onto my back and held my cock in the air as she sat back down on me.

She started rocking, and I reached up to touch her breasts and her amazing, hard nipples.

Another surprise. As I caressed her breasts, she bent her head down and opened her mouth. She was still inches from my finger, but she looked like she desperately wanted to suck it. She took it into her mouth like a cock, and I had visions of her sucking her husband's cock while she rode me.

I'm not sure if she had the same thought, but soon afterwards she asked, "Can I cum?" She didn't wait for my approval as her whole torso spasmed on me. When I felt that, I followed suit, shooting deep inside her.

Afterwards, she just laid on top of me, and we continued our conversation as husband and wife. I caressed her back and bum, reassuring her that she is mine.


  1. Fantastic description. I can´t expect next post..
    A fan, from Portugal!

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