Saturday, June 30, 2012

Drunken Confession

Rebecca and I were at a wine tasting last night with L, her husband and a number of her extended family. We had a great time, sampling several wines from a region we will visiting with L and J soon. ( in three weeks)

Afterwards, we stopped by a friend's house to pick up the kids, and stayed for a glass of wine.

Rebecca is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to her alcohol, so she was feeling "drunk". Rebecca jokingly says it like her mother,with an eastern European accent, rolling her "r"s.

She came to bed in only a pair of panties, so I quickly pounced on her and pulled them off. We started making love slowly and I thought it was a good time to fully confess my fantasy to her.

I don't think I've never explicitly told Rebecca my thoughts. I usually try to sugarcoat them in a story, and subsequently back peddle a little to stay in her comfort range. I can actually tell when I've gone a little too far because I can see her back off an approaching orgasm.

As I pumped her slowly, I told her that since she was drunk and could use it as an excuse to not acknowledge my confession, I wasn't going to hold back.

I told her in no uncertain terms my fantasy of seeing her "get fucked" by another man. I told her I wanted her to look at me so I could see the pleasure in her eyes while he pumped her.

I confessed that all of my fantasies revolve around seeing her filled by another man, seeing her to cum on his cock.

Maybe it was the wine, but we quickly got past the point where she reacted uncomfortably. I don't know what she was thinking, but she started to respond to my cock sliding in and out of her. I know her well enough that I know she wasn't becoming a sudden hotwife convert, but for me to be able to blurt out the details of some of my deepest fantasies, and not turn her off was interesting to say the least.

There was a point where she was grinding hard against me, a point when I wasn't describing how hard and deep she would get fucked. Her eyes were closed, and I wondered if maybe she was thinking of who she might want that cock to be. We both came pretty hard last night.

She's still asleep, naked in our bed. I can't seem to sleep much past 6:30 these days, so I got up. Before I got up though, I spooned with my sexy wife, drinking in her smell and warmth. I can't describe how she smells, but I am definitely hooked on whatever pheromones she's putting out. It's funny how I can't describe it, but I can recognize her scent anywhere.

We're heading on a vacation on Monday, so we'll have our hands full with the kids at Disney World. She texted me yesterday to let me know she sbought "50 Shades" for the plane ride.

I'm going to try to give the fantasy a rest for awhile, although I'm already picturing Rebecca in a sundress, getting looks as we walk through the park.


  1. We'll all enjoy the vacation if you post some of those sundress pictures!

  2. Hear! Hear! I second that!!!

  3. Was it the Kindle version of 50 Shades..., or the print copy? Pretty daring of her to flash the book cover if the latter. You might have a hotwife on your hads before you know it!!