Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday Night

Yesterday as we made supper, Rebecca and I talked about our respective days, each relatively uneventful. She had a couple of emails from G, but nothing major on that front. It had been his birthday the weekend before, and it turns out his wife was the one who had too much to drink while they were out for his birthday dinner. Rebecca and I talked about G and his wife and how they seem to be moving even further apart. It doesn't help that he travels four or five days a week. Rebecca has basically become his vent, where he can complain about his wife without worry. I'm not sure if it helps his perspective on marriage by seeing through Rebecca how a good marriage works.

I suspect he believes his wife is to blame, which causes him to work more. His long work hours probably only exacerbate the stress on their marriage and make her even more unhappy. It's a vicious circle.

On the flip side, I can't wait to be with Rebecca. I enjoy making dinner with her and planning our vacations. Every day we share at least two or three long hugs, often in front of the kids. It probably sounds lame but I honestly believe our day to day physical/ non sexual contact helps to make our marriage strong. You can't have an amazing, mind numbing sex life if the rest of the equation isn't there first.

On the topic of mind numbing, last night was one of those times. It's hard to believe that after fifteen years of being married, I may have just had the best sexual experience of my life.

As we often do, we took a bath together after the kids went to bed. We chatted more about the day, and read our books like an old married couple.

I had an idea for after we got out and dried off, so I told Rebecca to stay naked. When we got to the bedroom, I played a song from our early days of dating and we slow danced together naked. As the song played, I opened a bottle of massage oil I had nearby and dripped some over her back and ass.

We kissed for awhile, then I turned her around so she faced away from me with her body pressed against me. I applied more oil, this time to her breasts and stomach and we kept dancing as I gently massaged her. Her nipples were extremely hard and I could see her oiled breasts from over her shoulder as I kissed her neck.

When the song finished, we moved to the bed and she laid down on her back. She was quite wet, so I was able to enter her even though I wasn't completely hard. ( must be over 40) That changed quick enough, and I was soon pumping her steadily. After awhile I told her how great the view was. Her oily breasts shook each time I thrust inside her. When I commented on the view, she responded by asking if I would like to see the view from behind her.

I do love to see her on all fours, so she turned over and offered me her pussy with her ass up in the air. I reentered her and soon I could feel my balls slapping her pussy as I pumped her.

I thought it would be nice to be looking at her oiled ass, so I poured more oil onto her and kept pumping. I knew I had to pace myself, so I pulled out and rested my cock along the crack of her ass.

She kept grinding her ass against me so I reciprocated by sliding my shaft along her tight opening. Every so often, I would pull back and enter her pussy and pump her again.

I poured more oil and let run down her back, between her ass cheeks and over her ass. While I definitely enjoy the feeling of her pussy around my cock, I was really enjoying the feeling of sliding my shaft along her ass. Eventually, I was spending most of my time there, with Rebecca on all fours pushing her ass against me.

At one point, I slid my cock down to the point where my head was positioned at her opening. That's when she surprised me by continuing to rock her hips and push her tight ass against my cock. In the past, when we have attempted this, I have pushed things too quickly, to the point of her having to stop from the pain. I decided last night that I was going to let her control the pace. To be honest, it was very sexy to have my conservative wife on her hands and knees pushing her ass against my hard cock.

She would rock for awhile, and I would hold my cock head against her opening. Every once in awhile, I ran my shaft between her ass cheeks to renew my erection, then place the head of my cock at her anal opening again. At one point we weren't making headway, and I realized I was pressed against that dimple above her ass (rookie error). I adjusted and was rewarded to feel the tip of my cock start to enter her.

She has never been one to enjoy anal sex, but she kept rocking her hips, pushing back against my hard cock. I maintained the application of oil, allowing it to run down between her ass cheeks. This time however it ran around my cock head pressed partially inside my wife. She kept pushing against me, and each backward movement caused her tight ass to stretch around me, taking me slightly deeper and deeper.

I realized at one point after around 20 minutes of this that my cock head was inside her. It was then that I gently started to meet her pushes with my own thrusts. Eventually, I was completely buried in my wife's amazingly tight ass. She surprised me again by continuing to rock her ass back and forth, slowly milking my cock. I can't begin to describe the feeling. It was out of this world.

I wanted to see how much she was completely enjoying it, so I reached under her to touch her pussy. I was rewarded to find her pussy soaked. I traced her lips I swear I could feel a drop of her juice (or was it oil?) hanging from her swollen clit. I began rubbing it as I gently pumped her ass and she moaned her approval.

At that point, I was pumping her ass gently but firmly and she really seemed to be enjoying it. I traced her lips once again, and found the wet opening to her pussy. My cock deep in her ass caused her pussy opening to be quite compressed, but I was able to slip first one, then two fingers into her pussy. From the angle, my fingertips had no where to go but against her g-spot. Like her clitoris, it was swollen more than usual. I began to stroke it, and as I did, I could feel my cock sliding against the other side of my fingers separated only by a thin wall. I have seen double penetrations in porn, and I thought at the time this is how it must be like.

Rebecca was really getting into having both of her holes filled, and I knew she was getting close to cumming. I kept pumping her ass harder getting me close to the edge as well. When she came, it was hard. I had the unique experience of feeling her pussy spasming on my fingers while at the same time having her ass spasming on my cock. Needless to say that was enough to push me over the edge. I pushed deep and emptied myself into my wife.

It's hard to believe that I could have the best sexual experience of my life after all this time. I think what made it so amazing was the fact that we took a step beyond our normal routine, and that she was the instigator as much as I was. Here's hoping we can top it someday. It's a memory I'll keep for a long time.


  1. OH... MY.... GOSH!!! You lucky, lucky man!!!

  2. Oh yes. Before you got to the boner inducing details of the incredible bedroom session, I was really fascinated with something you wrote.

    It probably sounds lame but I honestly believe our day to day physical/ non sexual contact helps to make our marriage strong. You can't have an amazing, mind numbing sex life if the rest of the equation isn't there first.

    This is what I admire so much about you and Rebecca and what you write here. Yes, the sex is great, but what makes your marriage and all that sex work is that you two genuinely love one another and care enough to display that love to each other.

    I've had all sorts of weird/wild sex in my marriage. But my wife and I have never had the type of love and intimacy you and Rebecca share. It is refreshing to see it in your blog.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I am lucky. Someday when we're old and grey, all we'll have is that non sexual part of the equation. While I hope it's many, many years away, I am actually looking forward to it.

  4. Okay I need to go take a cold shower. Or maybe go take care of myself?? :)
    Thanks for sharing that awesome experience.

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