Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bucket List

Rebecca has been out of commission since Monday, due to some minor surgery. Not to worry, it was nothing life threatening, nor was it for any physical "enhancements". It was just something she wanted taken care of. She's able to get around alright, but sex is low on her list of priorities. I find times like these to be good times to recharge. On that note, I had started a list some time ago consisting of the things I have thought would be exciting for us to do together. They haven't been vetted by Rebecca, so she'll be reading this for the first time as well.

Here they are, in no particular order:

- Threesome, MFM. No M/M contact, just all about her pleasure.
- Rebecca flirting with another man.
- Rebecca dancing with another man.
- Rebecca making out with another man.
- Rebecca w/another man.
- Erotic Massage while I watched.
- Erotic Massage while I helped.
- Massage for both of us while making love. (By another couple)
- Massage for her while making love. (By another man)
- Tantric Massage Lessons.
- A "normal" massage for her while I watched.
- Sex/oral sex in public.
- Public flashing (her).
- Nude beach, skinny-dipping.
- Anal sex.
- Strap-on sex (Turnabout is fair play).
- Fantasy play- (Her making up a sexual encounter with another man to tell me about while we have make love).
- Role Play- Me as the other man, and me as the doting husband after her encounter.
- BDSM (tying up, spanking, her as the master).
- Her chatting or sexting with another man/couple while I massage/pleasure her.
- Her chatting online/sexting/emailing with another man, period.
- Her "edging" me w/possible denial.
- CFNM as a group setting (Clothed females, naked male): Me masturbating in front of her and some of her friends.
- Boudoir photo-shoot.
- Sexy photo-shoot: Her and I in action.
- Strip poker with another couple(s).
- Soft swing with another couple (same room sex).
- Her and I putting on a show (being watched).
- Mutual masturbation.
- Her masturbating for someone else. (and telling me about it later).
- Rebecca pretending to have an affair and then telling me about it.
- Rebecca having an affair then telling me about it afterward.
- Rebecca and I going to a strip club together.

Have I missed anything? You've probably noticed a common theme running through this list. What can I say, other than I get extremely turned on when I see her enjoying herself.

When Rebecca reads this list, she'll probably experience a certain level of discomfort, and it won't be from her recent "procedure". I have to include the caveat that this is as kinky as I get. I have laid it all on the line. I definitely don't expect to cross everything off this list over the course of our life together, but I can certainly enjoy the journey towards each one of these, even if we never arrive at the destination.

It's been a blast so far.


  1. A comprehensive list :) Maybe you should list them in order of how difficult it would be to convince your wife to do? We know she has done the boudoir shoot already...

  2. Many of the items on your list would be knocked out in a single evening if she agreed to a threesome that started out at a club (flirting, dancing, making out) then moved to a hotel (skinny dipping in the hotel pool, sex in public, flashing) then into the room, (massage, threesome, & more). C'mon Rebecca, Valentines day is just around the corner!

  3. Jay, I thought about that, but I wouldn't want to prejudice her own thoughts. I'm pretty sure which ones are long shots, but I'll leave it up to her consideration...

    JF, thanks for saying the things I can't. I'll let her know it was your idea...