Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toys, toys and more toys...

Rebecca and I were cleaning out a storage closet we have located just off of our ensuite. This was one of those left over spaces that we reclaimed and just happened to be storing our old clothes, suitcases and sex toys in. We went through it and eliminated a bunch of old shirts and other odds and ends. While we were at it, we decided to relocate our incriminating devices to a more discrete location. Our kids are getting to the age where they are starting to wander around the house, and the last thing we want to explain to our four and our seven year old is a 7" rubber cock. While I'm sure we would be able to come up for an alternate identity for the rabbit if questioned, the big veiny penis in mom and dad's closet might be a tad embarrassing. Among the other items to hide included some anal beads, the aforementioned vibrators, an enema kit, and of course lube.

I have to confess, most(all) of these items were purchased by myself as gifts for my lovely wife. I honestly think that any and all use of these items has been initiated by me. I would be quite surprised if Rebecca has ever used them without my knowledge. This could be due in part to their inconvenient location. (Several steps away from our bed) She's not the type to plan the evening around one our pleasure products, while I of course, would be so inclined. Because of this, I would like to make them more accessible to her as her mood strikes, whether I'm present or not. Where do other people put these things? It's a little like the condom back in the day when I needed to use them. If they aren't on hand, the mood could be lost.

As for Rebecca's masturbation habits, or lack thereof, she's one woman who I honestly believe doesn't masturbate. If she does, she's extremely covert about it. The last and only time I know she touched herself for pleasure was back before we had the kids. She shot a video of herself for me. It was spectacular, watching her get wetter and wetter as she worked herself up for the camera. Unfortunately, after several house moves, we've lost the tape and my memory has faded.

I really can't complain though. Her drive, when compared to many other the married women (from what I've heard) is quite high. She is a woman who loves to make love. She orgasms from penetration and/or clitoral stimulation. On one glorious night several years ago, she even had a strong "O" from anal sex. She has always been willing to try something once. Over the years, I've become better at reading her cues before, during and after sex. She's a little like a good poker player, never revealing the strength or weakness of her hand.


  1. I have recently stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it. I feel like you a re a kindred spirit in this journey we are taking with our wives. I am in the process of going back and rereading the old posts and this one struck a chord. My wife is the same as yours when it comes to masturbation. As well as the anal thing. Thanks for writing this blog!

  2. Thanks for reading... I'm sure there are times when Rebecca is embarrassed by some of the things I write. At other times, she surprises me with her brief steps outside her comfort zone. We've been married 15 yrs, and we're still all over each other. She's an amazing woman.