Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pelt

Rebecca had her "beav" waxed last Friday. This is her third time getting it done. The first time took quite a bit of convincing. She thought it would be weird having a strange woman performing this bit of maintenance on her. Our friend "C" had gone quite a few times to have hers done, and she was always telling us the details when we were together for dinner. Eventually, for a trip to Mexico, Rebecca decided to have hers done.

Once she got past the first appointment, there was no looking back. She booked this last one on her own, with no extra encouragement from me. It's nice that she's taken the initiative for this. I don't have to play the part of the pleading husband.

Oddly enough, I was actually getting turned on a little during the time that her bush had grown back in. I guess I just like the change-up every once in awhile, although I definitely love going down on her when she is freshly waxed....

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