Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another OHW post

As I had mentioned before, Rebecca came home after her last wine date and said she didn't enjoy spending time away from me, insinuating that she didn't want to keep seeing him.

As much as I find the whole HW thing a huge turn on, I'm very cool with it not leading anywhere. I think the last time around (a few years ago) I pushed the situation and then didn't react well when she finally started to show signs of wanting it.

The roller-coaster of emotions, (lust, jealousy, angst, and love) is what keeps drawing me back. I have a theory that the more unlikely your wife is to do this, the more intense the feelings are when she starts to make moves in the hw direction. I don't mean this as derogatory to anyone, but if Rebecca had been a slut all her life, it wouldn't have come as such a shock. Instead, she's a very level headed, outwardly conservative woman. When she does certain little things, they have a leveraged effect on me.

Anyway, back to where we are now. When she said she wasn't that interested in pursuing things with him anymore, I told her I'm very cool with that (I am). Fast forward to this previous Tuesday and she told me after work that she was invited (and went) for coffee with him. Again, nothing major, but she did tell me that he told her she looked hot (she does).

Last night I had a work function where I had a few drinks. while Rebecca stayed home and ran the kids around to their activities. I grabbed a cab and was home shortly after 9, then we stayed up for a bit and watched "Suits". When we went to bed, we started making out facing each other on our sides.

It's 50-50 as to who gets on top of whom, but last night she climbed up on top of me. As she guided me in, she asked me to tell her something. This is something she often says to me. In the old days (five years ago),when I first mentioned the hw thoughts, she would shut down and change the subject. Now, we talk more openly, but never anything too explicit. 

Last night though, when she asked me to tell her something, I asked her, "What do you want to know?"

As she rocked, she said something along the lines of "Your deepest desire". I was buzzing still from my apres-work event, so I can't recall verbatim.

I do remember deciding to seize the opportunity, so I just went ahead and said it without sugar coating it.

"I want to you fuck other men then come home and ride me like this."

There are times when you know your wife is finally being greedy about her own orgasm. She closed her eyes, sat up straight and rode me. I can't remember what she said next exactly, but her eyes were closed, and it prompted me to say more.

"I want to have your pussy while you tell me how well he fucked you, how his cock felt inside you."

That one pushed me over the edge despite my whiskey buffer and I came inside her. At times like this, I don't get soft, so she kept going, her eyes closed, hands on my chest. She was on a mission. She came hard a couple of minutes later and collapsed on me. 

I'll wrap this up soon, but there is one other relevant thing. During our last go-round with her dating her previous lover, she was regularly having her pussy waxed (professionally). I really enjoyed how smooth she got, and I'm sure he enjoyed it too. 

In the mornings, she typically is at work by 6, and I get the kids off to school then head in to the office. (and stay later) We often text as I'm getting the kids ready. This morning she texted me:

Her: "Should I get a wax as a gift for you from me?"

Me: "Yes!"

Her (immediately): There's a 3pm available on Saturday.

Me: "Done!"

Her: "Pain Sweat here I come"
(She says the pain makes her sweat).

Her: "Booked"

I was getting ready to shower as she was texting me and I have to admit, just the little thing of her booking a wax got me aroused. Crazy.

Anyway, that's all I've got... have a great Christmas everyone.

- Slider

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