Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Rebecca  got back from Phoenix yesterday. She was there with my mom and sister to shop, so it was pretty tame. In bed last night she asked if I got her email. It was sent to my personal account , and since I was busy with the kids and work, I missed it.

It was short and to the point. The subject said "Wet", and she wrote, "It's been too long" in the body of the message. 

She was definitely wet last night, and although I masturbated while she was gone, it felt so good to be inside her. 

I found myself alternating between her wet pussy and her mouth. I thought I would buy myself some time with the change up. It didn't help much and during the second session of her sucking my cock,  I lost control and came in her mouth.

I knew I owed it to her allow her to finish as well, so as my orgasm was subsiding, I re-entered her wet pussy. The warmth  actually caused me to continue to cum, and I felt myself shoot a few more times.

Even while I was at that sensitive point, I kept pumping her. We kissed, and I could taste and smell me on her lips. Realizing that, I started to get closer to another orgasm. At that point, I was grinding my pubic bone against her hip, and I could tell she was getting closer.

I had a fleeting thought of having another man there to take over for me in case I couldn't stay hard enough to finish. That was enough to push me over. The sound of her hard moans and the smell of cum on her breath did it. I started to cum again.

There couldn't have been that much to shoot in her, but the twitching seemed to finally push her over the edge. She came hard and loud. It was  the loudest I can remember her being. Her pussy was contracting as she came, and I collapsed on top of her. 

My wife is so fucking hot. 

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  1. Your wife is so hot! Discovered your blog through kenny writer and I read it all in one sitting. Would love to see some more pics. Keep writing:-)