Monday, September 9, 2013

My Weakness

I gave Rebecca a massage last night, which of course ended in sex. As I finished her massage, I started to finger her pussy. She's been keeping it pretty trimmed lately, so she was very smooth.

I couldn't resist any longer and I climbed on top of her and pushed myself inside of her warm pussy. It's amazing how tight she is and I could feel my cock getting squeezed on all sides.

She responds really well to being pumped quite hard, with long strokes, but I find it difficult to keep going without cumming. I don't know how the porn stars do it.

She was grabbing my hips and ramming my cock in and out of her body. I bottomed out each time and I felt my balls slap into her ass.

Eventually I had to change it up, so I had her climb on top of me. This is her favorite position and she usually cums quite easily. I'm also able to keep from cumming as she rocks and grinds with me fully inside of her.

Every once in awhile, she will use a technique which I enjoy a bit too much. She moved her feet to either side of my hips and squatted on my cock. She then moved her pussy up and down, with her wet hole being the only point of contact.

I felt her lips slide up my shaft all the way to my engorged head, then all the way back down until I bottomed out in her. It was a really exquisite form of massage. I always warn her that I won't last that way, but sometimes I think she just wants to milk the cum from me. I came very hard and very quick. I would challenge any man to last longer. 


  1. Challenge accepted! When can I come over?

  2. Você é um marido especial!!!!

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  4. Hi: I have just found this blog for the first time and read almost 2 dozen entries and I think I have a good idea as to the overall mood/temperature of your relationship. I can totally appreciate what you the husband has been experiencing across the board as well as understand much of how your wife has responded to these new dimensions to ya'lls relationship. I am 46 - my wife is 40 and we have been together 25 yrs since she was 16 - married 18 years last week sept 8th. we have 3 kids. we are very happy - have had a few rough moments years back but where most cut bait (divorce), I am more tenacious than most and we are the better for it. we have been dabbling in the hotwife lifestyle - my thoughts and feelingsmostly mirror yours except I am more daring/resolute/crazy oneofthose - I do allow/encourage my bride to try out other studs (yes I consider myself a stud lol). this did not happen overnight - we waded in very slowly until the moment of truth and even though I am Italian and notoriously possessive and murderously jealous - I evolved and what a weight off my shoulders and her trysts were/are beyond words awesome and hot. weve only done it a few times but we have done it. (well she has). of course we are all on our own journey both as individuals and as partners in a marriage so I do not assume you need any guidance although should u desire to hear about our experiences to give perspective - I will gladly share. I did feel the need to drop one small observation which may be totally off base but its not my nature to be so guarded when I feel something deep within. here's the observation - you seem to tiptoe around your wife anything that is even slightly abnormal ie telling your hotwife fantasies or holding back the more intense thoughts. I think this is not good for your relationship. for sure, I am probably the opposite but overall I get grand results from this way. if you are this way bc your wife cant handle the truth - then you are hiding the real you. my wife prefers to stay in her comfort zone, play it safe - we are almost direct opposites - but ill be damned if im going to suppress these very intense feelings and desires just so she will...what? keep loving me? this of course is after self examining these desires and finding them to be ok and not immoral or wrong. anyway - I may be way off kilter and if I am - oh well - yall seem like a great couple and I wish you the very best fortune. ENT

  5. I agree that in an ideal world, I would be more direct with Rebecca about my feelings and desires.

    Unfortunately, I'm coming off a point ( the G thing) where I pushed openly and was rewarded by being shut out. She won't admit it, I believe I was starting to lose her, which explains why I confronted her instead of standing back and letting her cheat. I wasn't going to take any chance of losing her.

    Admittedly, it is the whole wide open communication thing that attracted me to the idea of her as a hotwife in the first place. Beyond the hot sex, I saw it as the holy grail of communication in a marriage. Unfortunately, by both of our actions, I can tell we aren't ready for that level of communication. I know if I continued to be direct, she would tire of me.

    Having said all that, we're leaps ahead of where I know other more "vanilla" couples are. Sex is hotter than ever, and I don't mind having to keep her a little insulated from my fantasies.

    Thanks for that great insight.