Monday, October 8, 2012

Vegas Recap

I'm laying in bed sick today, cold with a fever. I haven't posted any additional Vegas pics so I thought I would clean these off my phone.

This last week, she told me she showed V a picture of her and I from the trip, her in her dress. Apparently his comment was "damn!". He asked her to wear it to work.. We both found that one funny.

A couple of the pics are her on our bed checking her email before we headed down to the pool one morning. The other was her in a work skirt that she hiked up for my enjoyment.

She bought the boots on this trip.


  1. What a goddess!!!! I hope you feel better soon; we need yours writings...(MR)

  2. I know you have a desire to share her, but her unwavering devotion to you is extremely hot as well! She's beatiful and devote to you...don't overlook that my friend.

  3. Hi Slider, do you feel better? Don´t forget us, ok?