Monday, October 22, 2012


That word describes my Rebecca to a tee. Last Friday she seemed happier than usual, even for a Friday. It's difficult to put a finger on, but she was a little extra intimate in her flirtations with me.

I did put together, or rather she told me that G had been emailing her during the day and had asked her to go to lunch. She said she declined because it was too short of notice. I'm not sure if that was why she was extra happy, but like most husbands, I just like it when my wife is happy.

I might try to see if she wants to cash her rain check by going out for a drink with him this week, although he may be traveling.

We don't discuss the HW thing directly much any more, except in bed. We seem to have this daily innuendo happening where I don't push the conversation beyond a certain point. While it remains my number one fantasy, I keep from pushing my luck too much.

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  1. Slow and steady, my friend. She has come a long way already.