Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something New

I talked to Rebecca tonight about how I'd like to share some of my favorite parts of her in this blog. She's a sexy woman, and while I can't show certain things in their entirety (like her face), I can profile certain vignettes or glimpses of some of my favorites. I'll start with one of them this week, but I'd love to hear any requests that may out there, respecting of course her shy nature.

While I can't share her completely, and you'll never know the enamoring parts of her personality, I hope these glimpses of her physical attributes will help the readers understand why she's so special.


  1. I guess we could be sneaky and ask if she minded you posting her arms, then her legs, then her stomach, then her chin, etc etc, and eventually we could cut and paste them all together for a full body shot! But if that is not possible, how about an extreme close-up of her eyes and or her smile? Not enough to reveal her face, but both features that are intriguing to most.

    And it goes without saying, I think most of us would love some focused shots of her lady parts.

  2. Her in a skirt and see-thru top with the sun showing the outline of her legs (with nothing on underneath) - or a pic of tight trousers from the front and back...