Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mile High Club

A long time ago, we were engaged, we went on a vacation with my family. The flight there was an evening one, so it was quite dark. My siblings had young kids/babies, while Rebecca and I were still carefree. As almost everyone was snoozing, we snuck off to the rear washroom and joined the mile high club.

I think we did it just to be able to say we were in the club. The thought of getting caught was exciting, but the space was cramped. As I recall, I had to bend Rebecca over the sink. I came quickly (out of necessity), and I'm sure she didn't. Sorry honey.

As we made our way back to our seat, my brother in law was walking the aisle trying to settle my niece, who was a baby at the time. As we passed, he gave us a smirk and said that the baby was wondering where we had gone. Rebecca and I still laugh about it.

In her discussions with G, she told him about our encounter. In fact, I think their discussions have jokingly included her initiating him into the club. The emails I read a few months back when I "accessed" her phone, had her referring to taking a long flight to a certain city with him.

Well, Friday she told me she had been emailing him during the day, and he told her he was heading to that very city on Tuesday in a sort of veiled invitation. Of course I'll joke with her that she should book a few days off.

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