Monday, July 8, 2013

Mrs. G?

Rebecca writes a family blog where she keeps it updated with things the kids are doing along with other family oriented content. It's been a good record of our kids growing up as well as family things we've done over the years. And no, I'm not providing a link.

Last week, she found a comment which alluded to Rebecca "running around" with a married man. Rebecca deleted it immediately and turned off commenting on her blog. Fortunately, her readership isn't that large, so she was able to delete it before a family member saw it.

She told me about it and we assume that G's wife has finally found out about them. Rebecca assures me that she hasn't seen or communicated with him since that coffee last December.

She's a little unnerved that his wife would make contact with her in such a passive aggressive way. I did my best to assure her that it was just a way for her to lash out at her husband's liaison.

It is strange, though because the blog isn't easy to find, even if you google the right words. It took some effort on her part and Rebecca said she never told G about the blog.

My assumption is that Mrs. G found G's email account and this all came to a head last week, when she decided to look up Rebecca. I'll try not to turn this into a debate about infidelity, but I wouldn't put the fault of this affair totally into Rebecca's court. G is the one who took the step of booking that initial hotel room. It just unfolded from there. Hell, according to him, he and his wife would go for up to six months at a time without sex. Knowing that, I'm surprised it took him so long to make a move on Rebecca.

My perspective on this whole thing is, for lack of a better word, "unique". I have been in Mrs. G's shoes, having been surprised by my spouse's affair. The key difference is the role I played in creating Rebecca's affair. My brief but intense pain was bookended by feelings of lust and intense sexual attraction for my wife.

I have to admit that over the last couple of months, sex has been quite "regular" between us. It's always good, don't get me wrong, but it has been without the edge I experienced over the last year and a half.

This simple contact from G's wife has reminded me of what Rebecca did with him. It reminds me that she can be purely sexual and it pulls me to her even more.

I like the fact that Rebecca told me about this contact from G's wife right away. We have talked on and off about it over the weekend, and I feel closer to my wife than ever. It's her and I getting through this together, and I can tell she's relieved that she's able to confide in me. We'll see what happens next.


  1. Ugh. Hope it doesn;t go any further than a random comment.

  2. Do you think there's a possibility Mrs G knows Rebecca'as real identity and not just the location of her virtual identity (i.e. the family blog)?

  3. I think you misread.. The blog that she placed the comment on was Rebecca's "real identity" blog.

    1. Nope...I got that. But even tho' it's a "family blog" that doesn't mean her identity is revealed (name/town, etc.).

      Is there a chance the comment poster can show up at your door or her work?

  4. Will G's wife (assuming it was her) divorce him? and will his involvement with another woman become part of a public record? And will the scorned woman do more than just make an innocuous blog post?

    Nothing you can do about, just sayin

    And if the divorce goes through will G revert to the most recent and hottest sexual partner he's had?