Saturday, July 21, 2012


I picked up Rebecca from the airport last night around 8:30. Her work trip went well, although she finally had to get tough with M, the work colleague who has developed an unhealthy crush on her.

She told him in no uncertain terms that she is happily married, and that she has no attraction for him. As a primer, for those who haven't read some of the earlier "M" history, he's married, 15 years older, and she has no attraction for him.

She works in the same company as him, and while they are in different departments, they have a lot of interaction, including a long work trip this past winter. Although nothing happened, he fell for her. Who can blame him? She's very nice to everyone, and he seems to have misunderstood that fact.

From my perspective, I get my thrill when she shows some attraction for another man. With M, it's a bit of a kill joy because we both find it just a bit weird.

Now, with G. I can tell she is attracted to him, and maybe that's why she has kept herself "in check", even with my encouragement.

On this past trip with M, she said she very bluntly told him that she is not going to sleep with him. His reply was that he would be happy "just cuddling" with her. Who says that? Her response to him, which gives me some hope for her, was that cuddling is "even worse". She was implying that purely physical sex is less of a betrayal. That's my girl!

As for us, we were able to get enjoy each other last night, making love during a summer thunderstorm. It was quite erotic to have nature working herself up around us as we built up steam.

It had been awhile, three or four days for those keeping track, since we had sex so I was out of game shape. I came before she could reach her peak, so I did something I have only occasionally done, and went down on her after.

I was pretty tentative at first, spending more time at the upper part of her pussy and clitoris. As we both got into it, I explored the rest of her. I reached into her with my fingers, massaging her familiar g-spot as I kept licking her with my tongue.

At one point, I was sucking her entire clit and hood into my mouth, letting it slide in and out under the negative pressure.

When Rebecca gets this far along, I tend to add a finger or two as she seems to like the slight stretching sensation. I slowly expanded and contracted my four fingers inside her as she got closer to the edge, all the while massaging her g-spot with my index and middle fingers.

I have to say, I love being this close to her when she orgasms. Her entire vagina started to spasm and grip my hand. I clamped my mouth over her clitoris and sucked as she rode out the waves right there in front of me.

When she came down, I was hard again, so I climbed back on top of her and pumped her quickly half a dozen times before cumming a second time, this time on her belly.

This morning we showered together, and she shaved her pussy while I watched. She is between laser appointments, in maintenance mode, so she needed to get it done. She did a superb job, removing almost everything, except for a very tiny tuft. I wish I could share what it looked like, because it's one of the sexiest sights there is, but I don't think she's ready for that.

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