Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waxed and Waiting

I tweeted that Rebecca had her "appointment" yesterday to get her bikini wax. It's interesting to see that she's totally taken control of this maintenance item. When she first started, I had to push her a little to get her to go. Now she says she doesn't like the feeling of "the bush", so she has it done about once a month.

There is an optimal time for her to do it from a pain management standpoint, which just happens to coincide with the approximate start of her ovulation cycle. I'm not sure about other women, but when she's ovulating , her drive kicks up a notch or two. Couple that with the feeling of her being bare down there, and well, it becomes a real win win.

After her appointment last night, she went out for a drink with a girl friend. She didn't stay out too late, getting home about an hour after I put the kids to bed. We made lunches for the kids, then she headed up to bed herself.

Usually when Rebecca heads to bed quickly, it's because she's tired, so when she headed up last night, I took my time joining her. When I crawled in, I expected a quick kiss goodnight, but instead she kissed me deeply.

I got the hint, and kissed her back, reaching down to slide off her underwear and feel her smoothness. As usual, she had the aesthetician leave a small patch at the top, but the rest was completely bare.

We began talking as I slipped inside her, in the back of my mind hoping she had been out for drinks with someone other than her girlfriend.

I whispered to Rebecca that now she was bare, she needs to fulfill her promise to go to work commando. I pumped her, and she asked me what she should wear. I told her it would be hot if she wore a conservative suit dress, complete with her stay ups, but without her underwear. I whispered she could text me when she was in a meeting, letting me know she was sitting in the company of others, with her pussy exposed under the table.

I know her very well, so when she asked me if she could get on top, I knew she was getting closer. I rolled over and slipped inside as she lowered herself onto me.

I continued my thought process saying I would be okay with her going to lunch or drinks with G in that outfit as well. She ground her "patch" against me as I continued. Knowing she would be hesitant, I told her she could go to lunch dressed like that, and it could be our little secret, or she could give him hints that under her skirt, her pussy was exposed and freshly waxed.

I wanted to continue by telling her he might not believe her, and that he might need some proof or confirmation, but I didn't get to. Rebecca had her orgasm while rocking back and forth on me. Her smooth contractions pulled me over the edge as well, and I stopped pumping to feel our mutual rhythm.


  1. It is bedtime conversations like yours that allow husbands like us to get off even when our wives don't actually engage in sex with others. The fact that it could potentially happen makes talking about it in bed so very delicious. You and Rebecca are, in my opinion, an example for taking things very slow and deliberately. Following your progress is, as mentioned by HotHW, smoking hot!