Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Quick Drink

Last night Rebecca had to go into the office to get caught up. She texted me around 10pm to say she had been invited out for a drink. I'm at the point where this is pretty normal, so I didn't get too excited by the prospect.

I replied by saying that it was up to her. She texted that she was tired, so I responded that whatever she did was fine with me, but just let me know either way so I wouldn't worry and I left it at that.

About 10 mins later, she texted "maybe a quick drink". I have to say, it got my attention when she sent that. Up until then, she had always let me twist her arm into going. This time I was feeling indifferent and had no motivation to push her.

This time it was totally her choice, and she took it. I fell asleep around 11:30, and awoke around 12:30, and she still wasn't home. I waited another 15 mins or so and finally texted her to ask if she was okay. It took her a few minutes to reply, but she finally did saying she was on her way home.

When she finally climbed into bed, I was quite turned on by her self motivation. I was going to let her sleep, since she has to be up at 5am on weekdays, but I couldn't help myself.

I crawled on top of her and kissed her. I told her that even if nothing happened with G, I was going to reclaim her. Just knowing she had been with him the last few hours gave me this need to fill her. I thrust into her, and she immediately was very wet. She whispered and asked me if I was hard while she was gone. I replied that I was, and that I really like when she goes out.

Rebecca was extremely wet, and I wanted our conversation to last, but I couldn't. I thrust as deep as I could and filled her.

She texted me today to say she wants to just be with me tonight, so I wonder what went through her mind last night. I have a feeling she's experiencing some feelings of guilt, which would be normal for her, even if nothing happened with G.

I texted that I would like a full debriefing tonight in bed, since I wasn't able to savor it last night. We'll see what that brings.


  1. You sure know how to keep us all on the edge of our seats.

  2. It is this kind of build-up that would keep me going for months. Even if it turns out that nothing happened, the very fact that she is allowing herself to be comfortable enough that something could happen is so huge and such a turn on for guys like us. I would not have been able to "reclaim" her until I had gone down on her to taste for evidence!

  3. Now i have to check this blog 5 times a day instead of 2 because of stuff like this!!! Edge of our seat is an understatement.

    I felt like I was pushing at times, If I backed off, it did seem to still happen thought, just more on her extended time line, not my rushed one. I never felt guilty for pushing when I did though once I saw how she reacted when another man finally plunged his cock in to her and her eyes rolled out the back of her head as she began a long slow and hard orgasm, the first of at least 5 that night. At those times, it almost felt as though she needed/wanted me to push her, maybe to get her through the guilt she was still feeling or to be sure that this is what I wanted so she would never be accussed of cheating. Cant blame years of conditioning. But after I pushed, it was obvious that this is what she wanted. She couldnt hide it once she went into his bubble. Hottest thing I have ever seen.

  4. Hi I just found your blog through JFBreak and hope you don't mind me joining in.
    So far I like what I'm reading. How refreshing .

  5. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it..

  6. What happened with your wife and G that evening? Very good blog.