Sunday, June 2, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

We've had a busy weekend do far. The kids have had a lot on the go, so we've been acting as chauffeurs. Somehow we managed to get some yard work done in between bouts of rain.

Rebecca is showering upstairs while I'm having a coffee. Something she said yesterday kind of came back to me.

I think I had written about a guy from her company (different city) previously who she has developed a a basic friendship with.

I'm not sure what to call it, as things progress differently these days when it comes to relationships. They met through work, but they're in different cities, so they hardly have seen each other.

They've "friended" each other on Facebook, which is no big deal to me, but it would be an issue for a more "vanilla" husband. For me, well, you know.. Unlike a normal husband, I smile a little when she tells me about little things like that.

Her most recent comment was yesterday. I was sitting with her as she was browsing her Facebook page. There was a post from M showing pictures from a recent trip. Rebecca commented how he looks good for having just turned fifty.

Again, a typical husband may have taken exception with his wife commenting about another man like that. I honestly never even thought about it until this morning.

Rebecca always makes friends easily with men, almost easier than she does with women, so it isn't any big deal. She is going to his city later this month for a quick overnight trip, so i wouldn't be surprised if she found a moment to meet for a quick drink or coffee.

Of course, it would be a little exciting for me if she did choose to meet him, but I'll be fine if she chooses not to. She'll be with her people from her group, and she's on a pretty tight schedule, so there may not be an opportunity.


  1. Be sure to keep us updated as to how that turns out. I agree, how men like us simply have a different mindset on these situations. A normal husband would be irate, but guys like us get excited and encourage it.

  2. I wish she would tease you more...

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