Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Couple of Firsts

Last night I was feeling evil, and I knew Rebecca had a sour stomach, so while we were in bed, I laid on my back and took care of business myself. I stroked my cock while Rebecca caressed my chest, balls and occasionally squeezing a nipple.

I asked her to talk to me, to tell me something to make me come. She has never been a dirty talker, she's too innocent for that. Even so, I eventually came, shooting up her arm and onto the back of her hand.
I cleaned us up, and we were spooning, starting to fall asleep when she started to tell me about a guy she met yesterday at work. She said he was fit and well tanned because he just came back from a golf trip. She actually said he was very attractive. She went on to say he was divorced. After meeting with him, she said she realized he has no EQ. I replied by saying it didn't matter. She paused for a minute and then agreed.

I wouldn't call it a breakthrough moment, but in that short conversation, two things happened that have never happened before. First of all, she initiated a conversation with me where she told me she found another man attractive. Secondly, she may have realized that she doesn't have to find the perfect man in order to be physically attracted to him. In fact, it's better that he isn't the "whole package", because that's my role.

Next time she'll need to bring it up before I'm finished.

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